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  • SWQ1-63S


Product Description




SWQ1series miniature circuit breaker automatic transfer switch is composed of two mcb and its auxiliary parts. It is suitable to the double power system of AC power below 380V,frequency 50/60Hz,rated current below63A. The main applied places include hospital, shopping mall, bank, fire control , telecommunication, high-rising building etc. where the power off is not allowed.




This product has simple structure, practical, easy operation, long life, 2P-4P flexible combination.

This product adopts high breaking small plastic case circuit breaker, which has the breaking capacity and characteristics of circuit breaker.

This product has electrical interlock and mechanical interlock in the process of power switching to ensure that the two power supplies will not be supplied at the same time.

The switching system mechanism is driven by DC permanent magnet motor to complete the switching process with the advantages of balance, no noise and low impact.

Once the common power supply fails in the main circuit, it is immediately converted to standby power supply to ensure non-stop power supply, and when the common power supply fails, it is automatically switched from standby power supply to common power supply.



Rated voltage Ue(VAC)

Rated current In|(AAC)

Rated frequency(Hz)

Control Voltage(V)

Transfer time(s)

Limit breaking capacity(A)cosΦ

Mechanical life(times)











4.Operating conditions

Ambient air temperature higher than +40℃ and not lower than -10℃

Installation site: the altitude should not be higher than 2000 meters

Pollution level: Ⅲ, no explosion hazard in the surrounding air, and no gas, liquid and conductive dust that corrode metal originals and destroy insulation.

When the transfer switch needs to be operated manually, the button switch should be in the manual position first, and then you can turn the handle to switch between common or standby, and put the control mode in the automatic position, the transfer switch enters the automatic working state, and the common power supply takes priority.

When the transfer switch is wired according to the wiring diagram, if the common power supply and the standby power supply are all normal, the indicator light (red) of the common power supply or the standby power supply will light up and the transfer switch will work normally after the power is normally connected.

5.Use operation

Regardless of whether the common power supply and standby power supply have voltage or not, when manual operation mode can be used, the manual-automatic button should be placed in the manual position, when pushing the handle clockwise rotation to the terminal, the standby power supply executes the circuit breaker QR to divide, the common power supply executes the circuit breaker QN to close; when pushing the handle counterclockwise rotation to the terminal, the standby power supply executes the circuit breaker QR to close, the common power supply executes the circuit breaker QR to divide.

In the panel, the power indicator (red) indicates the working current of the automatic control box, if the light is not on, it means that the automatic control working power supply is faulty and cannot operate the switch. To repair normal, the manual-automatic button will be placed in the automatic state, if the common power supply is normal, the transfer switch will automatically put into the common power execution circuit breaker QN closed state, the panel N power indicator (green) light; if the common power supply is not normal, the transfer switch will automatically put into the circuit breaker QN closed, QR closed position state, the panel R power indicator (yellow) light.


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