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· CE/CB/ISO9001/CCC certificates;
· Rated voltage:230/400VAC;
· frequency:50/60Hz;
· Rated current:6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A;
· poles:1/2/3/4 optional;
· Breaking Capacity:6KA;
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  • SG65-63
Product Description

Key Specification

RCBO miniature circuit breaker 

Key Parameters:

· CE/CB/ISO9001/CCC certificates;
· Rated voltage:230/400VAC;
· frequency50/60Hz;
· Rated current:1,3,6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A;
· 1/2/3/4poles optional;
· Mechniacal life:20,000times;
· Flame-redardant:PA66 nylon material;
· Protection degree:IP20;
· With over load/short circuit protection;
· Standard:IEC60898;
· Enduring tem.30°C
· Breaking Capacity:6KA;
· Lighting/Motor protection optional



SG65LE RCBO is applied in the power system of AC 50Hz, single phase 230V, three phases 400V. When somebody gets and electric shock or the residual current exceeds the default value, the RCBO can cut off the powerautomatically to protect the personal safety and prevent the equipmentfrom the fault resulted from the residual current. It also can protect the circuit aqainst overload and short circuit or can be used for the unfrequent switch of the circuit under normal condition. And extra protection functions like over voltage, under voltage can be added according to customers' request.

It conforms to the standard IEC1009-1. GB16917.1.



SG65LE-63 series RCBO is composed of SG65-63 high breaking MCB and residual current release. This RCBO is current operating electronic RCBO, the main parts including zero sequence current transformer, electronic panel, current leakage release and the circuit breaker with protection functions of overload, short circuit.


Technical Parameters

Rated voltage(V) Poles Rated current (A) Rated short circuit breaking capacity
Test breaking capacity(KA) Power factor
230 1,2 6,10,16,20, 6 0.65~0.70
230/400 1,2 25,32, 6
400 2,3,4 40 6
230 1,2 50,63 6 0.75~0.80
230/400 1,2 6
400 2,3,4 6



1.mechanical life:20,000 times(off-on)

2.heat resistance: category 2 (temperature 55°C,relative humidity 95%).

3.wiring is terminal with clamp, cable dia.:25mm²


Current Release Character Diagram

Test current(A) Rated current(A) Requested time Result Start station Remark
1.13In all t>=1h Don’t trip Cool
1.45In All T<1h trip heat Current ascends the requested value stably in 5s
2.55In In<=32A 1s<t<60s trip Cool Auxiliary switch closed, power is on
2.55In In>32A 1s<t<120s trip Cool Auxiliary switch closed, power is on
5In(Cmode) All t>=0.1s Don’t trip Cool Auxiliary switch closed, power is on
10In(Cmode) All T<0.1s  trip Cool Auxiliary switch closed, power is on
10(Dmode) All t>=0.1s  Don’t trip Cool Auxiliary switch closed, power is on
14In(Dmode) All T<0.1s trip Cool Auxiliary switch closed, power is on